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Ensign STEAM Fair is January 20, 2023

 Project Rules

All additional information and more information can be found here:


Contacts: Kelly Baron ( and 

Parker McBriar (


Thank you for participating!


Important Notes for Teachers and Families for All STEAM Fair Projects:

  • Students must register for STEAM Fair by Wednesday January 11. You can register HERE on this Google form

  • Help us register judges by January 13: You can sign up HERE

  • Students are responsible for setting up their boards in the gym independently. 

  • Project Judging in the Ensign gym. 

    • Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Judging is Friday January 20 at 9:00-9:45 am

  • 4th - 6th Grade Judging is Friday January 20 at 9:45-10:30 am

  • Optional: attend the open house to view projects is January 20 at 1:00-2:00 pm.

  • Awards will be announced at the morning announcements and email on Monday January 23rd.

Important Science & Engineering Dates for Teachers & Families: 

  • Students in Grades 5 & 6 must complete a USEF (regional science fair) Form BEFORE they begin their projects. USEF Forms can be found HERE

  • Students in Grades 5 & 6 must submit PDFs of completed USEF Forms and additional permission slips (if required) to their teacher by January 11 and upload them to a Google Folder HERE.

  • Top 3 scoring 5th or 6th grade science or engineering projects advance to district science fair in January 31st, 2023. The district science fair will be VIRTUAL ONLY. Students who qualify for the district fair will need to make a powerpoint presentation (info below). 

  • The regional SLCSD Science & Engineering Fair will be held in person at the University Guest House on March 13, 2023. 


Science & Engineering Fair Rules:


  1. Only 1-3 students per project.


  1. Students in grades 5 & 6 must submit a PDF of a completed Elementary & Junior Division Science Fair Form (USEF Form) signed by their guardian and teacher before beginning the project. Once signed, students should upload their form to the google form.

  • This Form must be saved as a PDF using the following format: “last name_project title_grade.” If the project title is long please shorten it to the first five words.

  • Information on how to edit a PDF can be found HERE.

  • Information about Research Categories can be found HERE


  1. If humans are part of the project then a nurse, psychologist, or doctor’s signature is required on the USEF form BEFORE students begin their projects. 


  1. If humans are part of the project, under 18, and it is not their science fair project, then their guardians must give written and dated permission for them to participate in the project. These permission slips must be submitted with USEF forms (see Rule #2 for submission requirements).


  1. The only nonhuman animals allowed in the projects are personal pets. If the projects include pets, the projects MUST NOT inflict any harm to the pets. If pets are part of the projects then a veterinarian’s signature is required on the USEF form BEFORE students begin their projects. 


  1. Students in grades kindergarten - 6th can NOT grow mold or other microbes. These projects will be automatically disqualified.


  1. Additional materials are strictly prohibited from judging interviews and tri-fold boards. This includes but is not limited to, samples of plants, molds and other microbes, and engineering prototypes.


  1. Projects must be completed on tri-fold boards which are available to all Ensign students participating. Boards will be in the main office beginning January 3, 2023.


  1. If you make your own board, tri-fold boards are required to be no more than 36 inches by 48 inches in size.


  1. Project lab journals are required for students in grades 4th - 6th. They are not required, but strongly suggested, for students in grades kindergarten - 3rd. The student may demonstrate their lab notes on their board or bring their lab journal to their judging interview.



Art Submission Rules:


  1. All art forms are accepted including (but not limited to) literature (e.g. poem, comic, short story), visual arts (e.g. painting, illustration, sculpture, collage), dance and music performance, as well as film and photography (e.g. animation.)

  2. All art projects must be linked to scientific phenomena; students should be prepared to explain their project and its relationship to scientific ideas. 

  3. To present your art at school:

  • 2D visual art must be able to be pinned on a bulletin board (please mat if you don’t want pinholes).  

  • 3D visual art must be able to stand on its own. 

  1. Video presentations can be emailed to Principal Erik by 1/18 and a link will be provided to the judges.

  2. There are no additional registration requirements for art projects because they will only be awarded at the school level. 


Powerpoint templates (only needed for 5th and 6th grade students who are selected to present at thedistrict science fair)


Science & Engineering Fair projects must be completed using one of the following PowerPoint templates:


  1. PowerPoint project slide decks must be saved as a PDF using the following format: “last name_project title_grade.” If your project title is long please shorten it to the first five words.

  2. Students must be able to access and share their PowerPoints during judging. We suggested students create and store their PowerPoints in their SLCSD email accounts.

  3. Please do not add extra slides beyond what is allowed in the PowerPoint templates.

  4. Photographs of students involved in the projects are allowed in the PowerPoints. Protect the identity of others by hiding their faces.

  5. Animations and videos are not allowed in the PowerPoint. Students can share a video during the judge interview. 

  6. Company or University logos are not allowed in the PowerPoints.

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