Upcoming Events 

All events are online unless otherwise noted

  • Fall Fundraiser (fall 2020)  It's not too late to donate to fund the PTA budget.

Quick Links

  • STEAM Fair (January 11-15)  Get started now!  See our STEAM Fair page for details.

  • PTA Meeting (Friday, February 5, 11:30 am)  See our Meetings page for details.

  • Write Your Heart Out (February 11, 6 pm

  • Spelling Bee (February 23, 1 pm)

  • Talent Show (March 16, 6 pm)

  • Gallery Stroll (May, 14, 6pm)

Recent Events

  • The Ensign PTA has successfully applied for several grants on behalf of our teachers!  See our Grants page for details.

  • We had a fun virtual Halloween parade during morning announcements.

Stay in Touch

There’s so much to love about the Ensign Elementary School community!  Visit our Get Involved page to find an opportunity that fits your interests and schedule.  


Keep in touch online to stay informed. Please check out the two Facebook pages associated with our school: 


(1) Ensign Elementary School - Salt Lake City (run by the school)

(2) Ensign Elementary PTA (private Facebook group run by members of the PTA).  

Feel free to contact us!


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