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PTA BOARD 2019-20


Co-Presidents: Laura Cushman & Amy Fehlberg

Past Presidents: Stacey Mahan & Jen Schreiter

President Elect:  Open 

Administrator: Erik Jacobson 

Faculty VP:  Molly Sprague 

Membership VP: Open 

Volunteer VP:  Lauren McBrier 

Secretary & Communications:  Jenny Desha 

Treasurer:  Igor Borisevich

Past Treasurer: Miles Romney & Charelle Whittaker



Co-Chairs:  Ashley Anderson & Emily Neuman

Reflections:  Clare Evans 

Talent Show: Open 

Tinikling:  Elizabeth Lucas 


Website / Facebook / School Messenger content:  Jenny Desha

Bulletin Boards:  Marcie Witham 

Community Relations: 

Fall Bash:  Amy Fehlberg & Laura Cushman 

Room Parent Coordinator: Lauren McBrier 

Pumpkin Parade: Rebecca Robrecht 

Community Service Chair:  Laila Lamani Sader 

Sixth Grade Events:  Liz Lucas 

Teacher Appreciation Chair: Charelle Whittaker 

Faculty Dinner Chair: Open 

T-shirts: Melanie Rogers 

Spring Stomp: Open

Yearbook: Therese Huhtala & Rebecca Robrecht 

Field Day: Melanie Rogers 


JA (Junior Achievement) Coordinator:  Sarah Romero

STEAM Fair: Amy Fehlberg (science) & Ashley Anderson (art)


Box Tops: Kristen Henderson 

Fall Fundraiser:  Dalynn Thomas & Amy Fehlberg 

Gallery Stroll Co-Chairs:  Rosalba Dominguez & Amy Fehlberg 

Health Safety & Wellness:

Chair: Kelly Baron

Maturation: Open 

Emergency Preparedness: Open 

Red Ribbon Week:  Melanie Rogers 

SCC Liaison:  Amy Fehlberg 

PTA Bylaws

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