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PTA BOARD 2023-24



President:  Betsy Garlish

President-Elect: Juliette Tennert Stewart

Past President:  Lauren McBrier

Administration Representative:  Erik Jacobson (Principal)

Treasurer:  Peter Moes

Past Treasurer: Elizabeth Lucas

Secretary: Kalleen Wright

Faculty Representative: Amy Picklesimer Boyer (Grade 4)



Building Community:  Kyanne Gochnour

Academic Enrichment:  Harry Fishleigh

Supporting Teachers:  Melissa Brownell

Fundraising: Lisa Mangiapani

Class Coordinators: Devon Musson Rose

Volunteer Coordinator: Juliette Tennert Stewart

Communications: OPEN (Lauren McBrier)

We are always seeking new volunteers, chairs and board members. If you are interested in joining the PTA Board, please email the PTA leadership.

PTA Bylaws

Board 2022-23 (archive)

Board 2021-22 (archive)

Board 2020-21 (archive)

Board 2019-20 (archive)

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