PTA BOARD 2020-21


Co-Presidents: Amy Fehlberg (remote) & Laura Cushman (in-person)

Past President: Laura Cushman

President Elect: Amy Fehlberg

Administrator: Erik Jacobson 

Faculty VP: Molly Sprague

Membership VP: Melissa Brownell

Volunteer VP: Jenny Desha & Lauren McBrier

Secretary: Emily Neuman

Communications: Melissa Brownell   

Treasurer:  Igor Borisevich

Past Treasurer: Miles Romney



Co-Chairs:  Ashley Anderson & Emily Neuman


Talent Show: Jennifer Schreiter 

Tinikling:  Quinette Henshaw


Website: Jenny Desha

Facebook / School Messenger content: Melissa Brownell 

Bulletin Boards: 

Community Relations: 

Fall Bash: Amy Fehlberg 

Room Parent Coordinator: Kerry Harding 

Pumpkin Parade: 

Community Service Chair: Laila Lamani

Sixth Grade Events:  

Teacher Appreciation Chair: Lauren McBrier

Faculty Dinner Chair: 


Spring Stomp: 

Yearbook: Therese Huhtala & Rebecca Robrecht

Field Day: 


JA (Junior Achievement) Coordinator:  

STEAM Fair: Amy Fehlberg (science) & Ashley Anderson (art) 


Box Tops: 

Fall Fundraiser: Amy Fehlberg & Chrystal Mancuso-Smith (online)

Gallery Stroll Co-Chairs:  Kerry Harding 

Health Safety & Wellness:


Emergency Preparedness:

Red Ribbon Week: 

SCC Liaison: Amy Fehlberg

PTA Bylaws

Board 2019-20 (archive)


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